2024 Hope Church Reading Plan

Have you ever started an annual Bible reading plan, but wound up falling behind and fizzling out within the first few months? We’ve all been there. Life is busy and the Bible is a really big book. It’s easy to get distracted and discouraged. That’s why we’re excited to introduce a Bible reading plan for Hope Church that’s both doable and enriching, regardless of your busy schedule. Last year, we invited everyone at Hope Church to join us in reading through most of the New Testament together. Now this year, for all of 2024, we will read through the Old Testament together. At this very manageable pace, we will be able to cover the whole storyline of Scripture in two years as a church family. Here’s how the plan works: 

- Five days of reading per week, with two days of rest

- Each day's reading covers two chapters

- Optional memory verse(s) every week


To download the reading schedule for the entire year, or to download some helpful instructions for how to study the Bible, click the links below:

Hope Church OT Reading Plan 
The "HEAR" Bible Study Method